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Labia stretching, also known as labia elongation, is a traditional practice that has been performed by women in various cultures around the world for centuries. This practice involves stretching the labia minora or inner lips of the vulva, either through manual manipulation or the use of weights or other devices. The reasons for labia stretching can vary from cultural or aesthetic traditions to improving sexual pleasure or reducing discomfort during intercourse.

Despite being a longstanding tradition, there is relatively little research on labia stretching, and many people are unaware of its origins, prevalence, and potential health implications. Therefore, in this study, we aim to collect data and information from individuals from all countries regarding this topic to learn about its origins, women who practice it, and general knowledge about this practice. This research will provide valuable insights into the cultural significance and potential health risks associated with labia stretching, and may help inform future discussions around female genital health and wellness.

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The Art of Labia Stretching

Explore a unique sexual practice among women and the elongation of their vaginal lips. Watch, experience and participate in the ancient art of labia stretching.

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